Robustness, reliability, power and speed

DIGIWAVES is the partner of Rock Flow Dynamics, the company that developed tNavigator ™, the most powerful tool for integrated static and dynamic modeling of reservoirs.

The ruggedness, reliability and unique computing power of tNavigator ™ are recognized around the world and trusted by the leaders of the oil industry.

Why tNavigator:

tNavigator is the only tank modelling software that is totally integrated by design, from G&G workflow to surface networks passing by the tank simulation model. The use of available computing resources is optimal, whether on a simple laptop or on the most modern of clouds. The performance is unmatched. tNavigator is infinitely extendable.

tNavigator ™ allows superior performance and so-far unmatched user efficiency for tank engineers in corporate or field tank simulation centers. Performance highly appreciated by oil companies.

Our team of multidisciplinary engineers at DIGIWAVES master the tNavigator ™ tool.

  • Geology Designer
  • Model Designer
  • PVT Designer
  • VFP Designer
  • Network Designer
  • Black Oil Simulator
  • Compositional Simulator
  • Thermal Compositional Simulator
  • Assisted History Matching and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Graphical User Interface