Who Are We

Reinventing the future of companies

DIGIWAVES is a world-class IT solutions provider active in the most difficult and demanding industries; such as, oil and gas, renewable energies, electricity, mining, hydraulics, automobile, and services. We focus our activities on transformation and innovation to support our clients in improving their business and reinventing the future of their industries.

Our approach allows you to focus on your business by providing you with the required tools and know-how to create value.


Your artificial intelligence All-in-one

DIGIWAVES company involved in the development of information systems and digital solutions based in Algiers.

DIGIWAVES offers combine, At the same time, field expertise, best practices, cutting-edge technologies, innovative solutions and high-quality support for the sake of supporting clients in:

  • Increasing the efficiency of operations
  • Reducing production costs
  • Improving productivity
  • Maximizing revenue The solutions designed by DIGIWAVES attach paramount importance to digital independence and to your sovereignty

Our History

We shape it together everyday
Starting with the idea of ​​three partners, DIGIWAVES is today a strong SME which has more than 40 engineers.
DIGIWAVES was first born out of the observation of the development, the practice and knowledge cumulated over more than 10 years within the leading oil service companies.
Our desire was to found a company that promotes digital solutions to serve the Algerian market, one of the largest gas countries in the world, with a new vision and a renewed strategy, relying on highly motivated people and with an inspiring state of mind.


Developing platforms for the Exploration & Production sector


Odoo Silver certified partner


Global company WITSML certified platform1.4 – Energistics

Over 40


Our Vision

We connect the digital world to your real life

Anytime, anywhere, DIGIWAVES combines real business needs with the most suitable smart digital solutions to help clients in various sectors create customized, adaptive, scalable and efficient ecosystems

Inspire your transformation; guide change

Because each sector is distinct, each company is unique and each project specific, we make it our own requirement to adapt our solutions and services to the needs of each client to deliver custom-made solutions geared towards maximizing investment value.

Our expertise

Global expertise, local knowledge.

DIGIWAVES is a pool of highly qualified experts of the future, certified by reputable suppliers ranging from technical skills to the management of complex projects to process optimization: SOPHOS, CISCO VMWARE, LEAN SIX SIGMA PMI and E & P. Our collaborators work hand in hand with our managers and clients to deliver effective solutions that will propel their businesses to new heights.

DIGIWAVES teams capitalize on approved expertise in the Oil & Gas sectors, the heart of our business.

Thanks to our international expertise, our understanding of the local context and the agility of our organization, we are committed to providing excellent and customized solutions accompanied by quality, reliable and punctual services.

Lean Six Sigma & HSE


Lean Six Sigma :beyond a method, a state of mind

Commitment to ourselves is our primary driver of success. This is why we adopted Lean Six Sigma. More than a method, change management at DIGIWAVES is a state of mind that shapes our corporate culture, motivates us through continuous improvement.

DIGIWAVES spreads this mindset throughout the whole organization helping us achieve our multiple goals.


DIGIWAVES’s management attaches the utmost importance to HSE policy and is resolutely committed to a positive HSE culture by mobilizing all the necessary resources.

DIGIWAVES takes responsibility for ensuring hygiene and emphasizes the continuous improvement of occupational health and safety at the Headquarters or on site.

We are committed to respecting all of health, safety, environmental rules and regulatory requirements to protect the life, interests, well-being and property of everyone.

We strongly believe in safety culture and all of our staff members adhere to these values.


Our company’s agility allows us to adapt more easily to changes, to better handle end-to-end processes, and eventually to increase both customer satisfaction and the satisfaction of development teams as well.

Isn’t that what every business is ultimately looking for? Being competitive, controlling change and risk, having employees happy while working, satisfied with what they do, and being able to offer concrete, customized and effective solutions to clients?