Reliability, power and speed

DIGIWAVES is the partner of Rock Flow Dynamics, the Russian company that developed tNavigator ™, the most powerful tool for integrated static and dynamic modeling of reservoirs.

The ruggedness, reliability and unique computing power of t Navigator ™ are recognized around the world and trusted by the leaders of the oil industry.

tNavigator is the only tank modelling software that is totally integrated by design, from G&G workflow to surface networks passing by the tank simulation model. The use of available computing resources is optimal, whether on a simple laptop or on the most modern of clouds. The performance is unmatched. tNavigator is infinitely extendable.

tNavigator ™ allows superior performance and so-far unmatched user efficiency for tank engineers in corporate or field tank simulation centers. Performance highly appreciated by oil companies.

Our team of multidisciplinary engineers at DIGIWAVES master the tNavigator ™ tool.


DIGIWAVES Geomechanics Workflow Start From pre-spud offset assessment and investigation, 1D geomechanical modelling, and real time support during operations to manage and overcome wellbore instability challenges. A detailed analysis of elastic rock properties, rock strength, pore pressure and stresses We help you to make the right decisions and maintain a stable wellbore in your challenging wells.
Predrill forcasting A 1D geomechanical model is constructed to define an optimized mud weight window boundary.
A multidisciplinary expert develops a drill MAP combined with well trajectory analysis that assist drillers and all involved stakeholders in preparing the drilling program.
Real Time Monitoring & Update After receiving a new while drilling parameters and logs, our experts monitor and update the drilling plan, if any change in stress state, pore pressure or mud weight window boundaries it may necessitate casing and well design and casing seat strategy.Our team analyze all drilling parameters like ROP, Gases, volumes, pressures and cavings to reassess the data and help to take safe actions.
Post Drill Analysis After field operations are completed, newly obtained data will used to learn lessons and improve the model, to avoid or mitigate wellbore stability problems in future wells. Our experts assit you to revise you casing and well program in area of interest.