ProdFlow, versatile technology PDMS Solution

Real-time drilling monitoring

ProdFlow, the PDMS platform developed by Versatile Technology, is a management solution designed by Oil and Gas experts to meet all your requirements and needs. It is an autonomous and intuitive interface able to handle all of your production operations thanks to the exploitation of the data issued from your production and collected via several applications such as those of Schlumberger, Avcoet or OFM. Thanks to the solutions offered by the Versatile Technology PDMS platform, your managers have a global, detailed and precise vision of the instantaneous evolution of oil and gas fields and of all the factors affecting their productivity. More than a PDMS, ProdFlow is a new innovative approach to production management that unifies your teams to work together more in favor of easier project management; allows you to optimize maintenance operations – Preventive and scheduled – and to ensure the safety of your teams deployed in the field. Your teams will appreciate the drag-and-drop interface offered.

[home8-service-section-start-shortcode title= »Services » heading= »What we do »][home8-service-section-shortcode btlink= » » heroimg= »1683″ title= »Data gathering » no= »01″ des= »Implement consistent workflows for

– Production
– Operations »][home8-service-section-shortcode btlink= » » heroimg= »1684″ title= »Calculation, allocation » no= »02″ des= »Rear allocation for all fluids

– Gas
– Oil
– Water
– Condensate »][home8-service-section-shortcode btlink= » » heroimg= »1685″ title= »Reporting » no= »03″ des= »- Periodic reports (daily, weekly, monthly and annual).
– Dashboard and monitoring »][home8-service-section-shortcode btlink= » » heroimg= »1682″ title= »Integration » no= »04″ des= »- Ability to recover data in real time from historical data.
– Enable integration with third-party technologies. »][home8-service-section-end-shortcode]