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[home7-about-section-start-shortcode heroimg= »1320″ icon1= »flaticon-award-star-with-olive-branches » title= »IT & Security » sub= »Move Faster to the Future » heading= »Advanced cybersecurity » des= »In a world where cyber attacks are becoming more massive, sophisticated and far-reaching, surviving is becoming insufficient. SOPHOS products are designed and adapted to help your company predict, anticipate, prevent and react in time to multiple forms of threats. » icon= »flaticon-award-star-with-olive-branches »][home7-about-tab-title-shortcode id= »tab1″ title= »Solution 01″][home7-about-tab-title-shortcode class= » » id= »tab2″ title= »Solution 02″][home7-about-tab-title-shortcode class= » » id= »tab3″ title= »Solution 03″][home7-about-tab-title-shortcode class= » » id= »tab4″ title= »Solution 04″][home7-about-tab-title-shortcode class= » » id= »tab5″ title= »Solution 05″][home7-about-tab-title-end-shortcode][home7-about-content-shortcode id= »tab1″ class= »active show » des= »Mobile solution:
Unified and secure management of endpoints »][home7-about-content-shortcode id= »tab2″ des= »Physical and virtual Firewall:
The ultimate firewall solution for you. »][home7-about-content-shortcode id= »tab3″ des= »Intercept X:
The world’s best endpoint protection against malware; ransomware; exploits & viruses »][home7-about-content-shortcode id= »tab4″ des= »Web security:
the ultimate in security, control and information on the Web »][home7-about-content-shortcode id= »tab5″ des= »Encryption solution:
Complete encryption, your first line of defense
More details on the link: »][home7-about-end-shortcode]